Art Rental Program

Our art rental program is a way for businesses and individuals to fill their home with custom art pieces on a rent-to-own basis.

What are the Terms of Renting-to-own?

The price of the program varies depending on how many pieces you choose and how you would like them finished (ie: framed, on canvas, etc…). We do require an initial deposit, which is also dependant on the number of pieces. At the end of your rental term you’ll be the proud owner of your art!

Who can use the Art Rental Program?

Anyone! Whether you’re a business that needs something to spruce up the walls, a homeowner with a craving for some local art, or a designer or stylist who is styling a home for a client.

Can I swap out my art halfway through?

The short answer is yes. We’re willing to work with our clients to make sure they have the perfect art pieces on their walls. At the 1 year mark in your rental we do offer you an opportunity to swap out your art with other pieces. This may affect the monthly rental cost, depending on the price of the pieces you choose to replace. We’re happy to give you an estimate if you’re feeling unsure about any of your pieces.

Is there a lower cost option?

We do have some ready to hang artwork in our stores that would allow for a tighter budget. These would not allow any customization on frame or print medium choices.

Ready to get some art on those walls?