Colette Marie Stefan

Colette Marie Stefan is a magical speaker, author and artist, with a great sense of humour, who shares universal, life-transforming information and provides results that inspire you to soar with her to new heights (in the way of the dragons) at seminars around the globe.

She has been the featured guest of many radio shows and tele-summits as well as captivating the air waves with her hit radio show “The Truth Is Funny …. shift happens as an open invitation for you to call in and experience energetic upgrades.

“One of the side effects of using your intuition is the creative genius that comes along with it. Many of the people whom I have worked with experience a spike in their creativity that moves them to express themselves through art, writing poems, books and music, dancing, etc. Therefore it comes as no surprise that in 2007 Ahnje, Crystal Queen announced her presence as the first dragon in a series of Inter-Galactic Dragons from The Federation of Light who make their presence know through my intuition as a completed painting that evolves into a dragon tale from the variations of space/time.”
Colette Marie Stephan

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