Delphine Nelson

Delphine Nelson received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (with distinction) in 2001 from Okanagan University College (now University of British Columbia – Okanagan). Currently, she works out of her gallery called Studio Del in Penticton. Del’s large, oil based figurative paintings combine both painting and printmaking techniques. This technique allows her to pull the images intuitively from the canvas. Her work is as much about process and medium as it is about image. Del’s work has been featured at several Okanagan galleries, including a solo show at the Penticton Art Gallery in 2003.

“My work evolves intuitively while using a collage-like printmaking process that allows the images to emerge. The narrative scripts itself throughout the process of painting. It is about the paint. It is about the image. The figures surface from an ambiguous, hazy atmosphere. They drift in from the intuitive, unconscious mind – a place – a felt phenomenon. It is about the soul.”

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