Janice Sich

Welcome to my online art store.

By clicking through the links on this page or the drop down menu above you can get around my pages. Reproductions of original works will be available of many of my pieces. These have been photographed at a high resolution and coloured matched in order to reproduce the original faithfully. These images, all of which are high quality and resolution, are available in a number of sizes and a number of archival media to fit your budget and wall space.

Since an early age, I’ve articulated my thoughts and feelings in a visual format. My pre-elementary and elementary school creations still make me smile as I remember ( with emotion and reasoning) creating them. Upon graduating from the Alberta College of Art (and Design) with a 4 year diploma in Applied Arts, I worked over 30 years as a graphic, glass, and furniture artist.

Currently I am painting oil landscapes, primarily of the Okanagan. My relationships with landscapes are intimate and comforting, and hopefully evoke similar feelings in the viewer. The painting process relies on honing my observation skills, drawing me closer to nature, colour, light, shadow; it affirms my individuality while reflecting on the past through memories of a place, memories of emotions and tactile experiences; it anchors me to the present and at the same time it connects me to life through immediate and reflective study.

Continued education and learning is important to me to gain more creative knowledge, focus, and endurance, and to reflect my affirmations in life. Workshops such as plain air painting from Kindrie Grove of Penticton have stimulated and boosted my inspiration and confidence; a life drawing workshop with Jane Everett has reminded me of previously acquired skills that form a basis of creative thought.

I have exhibited at Ritchcraft Gallery & Framing, Kelowna; the Federation of Canadian Artists shows and Granville Gallery; the Kelowna Art Gallery (both in earlier years and recently); Kelowna City Hall; The Art Ark, Kelowna; the Dow-Reid Gallery, Kelowna; and an International Children’s Ceramics Exhibition over 50 years ago! I received The Alberta Distillers’ Award for Landscape Painting 40 years ago. From ceramics, stained glass, printmaking, and furniture design, to a renewed love for painting and photography, I once again feel settled and comfortable in my creative skin.

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