Johannes van der Wardt

Johannes van der Wardt was born in Amsterdam – Netherlands, in 1949. In 2002, he immigrated to Canada with his wife and well known artist, Petronella van den Berg. Johannes is a graduate of the Institute of Higher Professional Education. He also took extended studies in electrical and mechanical engineering, later becoming employed as an engineer and special equipment designer in the Netherlands for more then 30 years. He showed an aptitude for contemporary art design but his personal journey as an artist would not begin until his mid-fifties.

The foundations of Johannes his Neoplasticism paintings are inspired and adopted by the Dutch pioneer of abstract art, Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg. In Neoplasticism paintings you will see a grid of vertical and horizontal black – white or gray lines and most of the time with only the primary and non colours.

Johannes sketches out some basic layouts by hand. That helps him to get an idea of the best way to align the information in an eye catching way while remaining legible and easy for the viewer to follow. After he has worked out these ideas manually, he brings them to life on canvas. Sometimes the layouts and the exact proportions are adjusted to the needs of the design.

When creating his designs he begins with establishing which colour should be the dominate colour of the painting. He then places the other colours on the canvas.

His work describes him as an artist, as well as a person. As a stubborn perfectionist, the designs reflect his personality by carefully placing components colours and plains in relation to one another while maintaining an edginess that makes them unique.

Johannes uses strong bold and colourful paint in his Neoplasticism paintings to liven the design and showing his personality. If he feels strongly about a painting he will be never afraid to fight for its integrity. However, he believes that a design must ultimately speak for its self to be considered truly successful.

“If I have done a good job on my work, my personality should be able to shine through the mathematics and reflect me as an artist.”

When you look at the paintings from Johannes it is like an orchestra is playing, but the performers – all the bold colours with the plains – are warming up, testing their instruments at the same time to find the balance and the right composition. That all together makes that moment of a finished painting.

“My hope is that my artwork will evoke a feeling of joy and a specific peace of mind in the viewer.”

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