Peggie Collins

I have been painting in acrylics now for 4 years. I was born in Vancouver and moved to Naramata in 1990 to start a family. In 2012 I moved to Penticton and have now settled in Kelowna. I have been creative all my life in a number of mediums and I have taught many workshops to adults, teens and children but have chosen to leave that behind to focus on developing my own body of work.

My paintings are always bright, lively and happy. I use vibrant colours and lots of layering to give a rich life and depth to my work. I strive to bring joy to people’s eyes and leave them with a smile on their face and peace in their hearts. My art does just that for me, I find it to be an amazing outlet for the health of my body, mind and soul…

My mother’s encouraging words from my younger years have inspired me to always use my creative talents. Although she passed away many years ago, I dedicate all my paintings to her.

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